06 Jul

Huseyin Burak Erten Featured in USA Today's Top 10 Emerging Entrepreneurs of 2023

Huseyin Burak Erten, President of US Capital Investments Group, has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Emerging Entrepreneurs of 2023 by USA Today. This prestigious accolade highlights his extensive expertise in structured finance, credit-enhanced transactions, and risk mitigation strategies. Erten’s work in the private sector, where he consults with multilateral organizations and governments globally, aims to align institutional capital with US interests. His partnerships with financial institutions and advisory roles worldwide underscore his commitment to fostering economic growth and stability.For nearly three decades, Erten has been a pivotal figure in global affairs. His notable roles include serving as the principal for The Center for Transatlantic Economic Partnership, executive director of Q Group, and president of US Nexus LLC. Through these roles, he has collaborated with over 50 emerging market governments and institutions, shared insights in international economic forums, and served as a senior policy advisor for the COH Foundation.In his current mission, Erten is focused on revitalizing US manufacturing to bolster the economy. His book, “Prosperity Bonds,” advocates for innovative capital deployment strategies that strengthen connections between the US and frontier markets. By promoting impactful capital involvement, Erten envisions a future where the US leads global markets out of suppressive debt policies.Erten’s ongoing efforts to negotiate with emerging market governments and foster greater connectivity reflect his belief that “good business creates good diplomacy.” By encouraging the US and its G7 allies to support emerging economies, Erten aims to build a network of frontier partners who value fundamental financial and business principles

About the Feature

Huseyin Burak Erten, the President of US Capital Investments Group, was prominently featured in USA Today's list of the Top 10 Emerging Entrepreneurs of 2023. This recognition underscores his significant contributions to the field of structured finance and his innovative approach to economic development. Erten’s inclusion in this prestigious list is a testament to his dedication to fostering international partnerships and promoting economic stability through strategic financial initiatives.

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