We have relationships with various broker-dealers, investment banks, and institutional funds in the US that allows us to advise on the following liquidity deployment models Traditional Capital Stack Fixed-Rate Note Issuances US Money Markets -VRDN issuance Bond Collateralized Loans USCI team ensures each transaction/project has proper structuring components in place before going out to the capital markets for raising liquidity in partnership with its licensed partners. Raising equity or syndicating debt is only possible with the proper structuring of the transaction and the USCI team works closely with its clients to create an " Institutional Capital Compliant " proposition to successfully raise short or long-term liquidity mainly from US Capital Markets.


We advise in the development, finance, and execution of infrastructure and industrial projects. We bring in US EPC's, Operators, and Developers to enhance the profile of the sponsorship of the project. We work in conjunction with US Institutional Capital Players as well as US Government Financial Agencies for the deployment of long term capital. Principals of USCI have developed various real estate, infrastructure, and energy projects themselves, and therefore our approaches to projects differ from traditional bankers or financiers. Investment banking, structured finance, and insurance techniques are utilized to properly structure and finance a project that USCI onboards as a shareholder or by joining its executive board. ...


We are specialists in Emerging Market FI's and Banks for Balance Sheet optimization, Deployment of Tier-2 Capital as well as designing institutional capital compliant financial architecture With our proprietary techniques and programs, we increase trade finance capacity and RMA's for select institutions. We focus on utilizing off the balance sheet capacity to create liquidity and facilitate transactions with the help of the “third party credit substitute” approach to preserve the CAR ratio and the rating/ credit of the bank. ...


Led by its chairman, Mr. Evan J. Humphrey,, USSI specialize in project risk to credit risk conversion to create US Institutional Capital and Basel 3 criteria compliant project structures. US Specialty Insurance LLC works with a top global insurance brokerage house based in the USA and top Lloyd's of London players for the required insurance off the shelf and specialty products and policies. The techniques we utilize are: Third-Party Credit Substitute Insurance Wraps Yield Enhancement Sponsorship Profile Enhancement We utilize our affiliated licensed fund & bond platforms in Luxembourg, Malta, and Switzerland for converting projects to listed securities (listed shares or listed bonds ) ...


We have a deep understanding of the ever-changing geopolitical landscape with 250 plus associates involved in this space present globally and we have access to 70 plus governments and administrations. We undertake the following functions Advisory to governments for navigating complex geopolitical and geo economy affairs Undertaking Back Door Diplomacy Advisory on future geopolitical trends Advisory on the long term benefits and advantages politically and economically on establishing a closer alliance with the United States of America Advisory on cybersecurity, IT, national security, and diplomacy through our associated and affiliated entities We advocate for US Policies and Interests Globally in a private capacity.


Led by Mr. Paul-Emile Desrosiers, also chairman of GMIIC, our capabilities and skillsets are extremely empowering and meaningful to government's most severe financial, development and policy issues to provide a devoted, capable, and long term cost effective global partner to meet any government's substantial and growing financial, economic policy, monetary system, and infrastructure needs. USCI is highly unique and aligned to the needs of various governments globally due to the key facts and skillsets. In partnership with our 5 step Plan Joint government fund initiative and with GMIIC's Nation-building strategies, USCI jointly develops and undertakes a specific country-driven focused Recovery Plans and Economic Stimulus Programs to invest heavily in critical infrastructure including, but not limited to low-income housing, clean/renewable power, water, transportation, roads, airports, smart cities, oil and gas, refineries, education, high-quality healthcare, rail, major private sector projects, and companies that create jobs and economic zones.


We have a partnership and association with a full-fledged platform in Luxembourg that structures bond issuances, trust services, and incorporation of funds for third-party clients as well as for in-house structured projects. We have various regulated and licensed entities that allow us to provide a full circuit solution for structuring requirements to packaging projects to be US Institutional Capital compliance. Main Scope of Services : Asset Management Financial Engineering Fund Structuring Bond Issuance Securitization Trustee Services Our Luxembourg platform has partnerships with other licensed platforms in Malta and Switzerland providing USCI a unique edge in structuring projects


Envisioned and led by Mr. Derrick Comfort, Chairman of New Commercial Energy and New Century Global, the Zero Waste Park concept creates a fully environmentally friendly development of Energy projects utilizing various US technologies organized under the umbrella of New Commercial Energy. In partnership with Multilateral Investments Technology LLC- MITC led by its chairman Mr. Paul Emile Desrosiers and its consortium of 12 US technologies create an unprecedented consortium of MITC technologies creating " Impact Investing " compliant project structures globally.