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The Company

USCI functions as a comprehensive advisory platform, encompassing a consortium of group entities actively engaged in facilitating transactions, overseeing strategic affiliations, and amalgamating premier business practices and methodologies to champion US excellence and innovation, the prowess of US Capital Markets, and the global proliferation of US businesses.

Our Values

The leadership at USCI places paramount importance on institutionalism, transparency, and strategic foresight, staunchly upholding the core values of the United States. They accord substantial significance to the principles of honesty, integrity, and fairness in all their commercial engagements.


The company addresses horizontal and sector-specific markets, leveraging proprietary solutions designed to deliver unique value to specific business areas.


USCI focuses on Infrastructure, Energy & Renewables, Real Estate, Private Bilateral Initiatives, Proprietary Fund designs based on unique financial architecture, creation of unique economic structures aimed at deployment of liquidity to Real Economy, Corporate and Non-Performing Loans and Nation Building Strategies


The leadership of USCI has a combined 120 plus years of C-level experience, having involved with multinational corporations, cross-border transactions, advisory roles of sovereigns and sub-sovereigns, and complex transaction structuring. The core areas of expertise are as follows :

Financial Architecture - designing and implementing.
Transaction and credit structuring
Securitization and De-Risking
Strategic Introductions and alliances
International economic cooperation, trade, and foreign direct investment.
Government Economic Policy Development
Nation Building Programs
Advisory on Strategic Security Issues

Global Presence

USCI boasts an extensive global network, comprising strategic partners, associates, solution collaborators, brokers, and introducers across over 50 countries worldwide. This formidable alliance facilitates a collective in-house expertise, encompassing more than 50 seasoned advisors and executives at the C-suite level, thereby enhancing USCI's professional bandwidth and operational capacity


USCI undertakes engagements exclusively with a discerning clientele and transactions, wherein references and formal introductions are pivotal to its selection criteria. It steadfastly refrains from affiliating with clients entangled in transactions with entities adversarial to the United States of America. Each scenario or project is approached with bespoke consideration, often necessitating intricate structuring to devise appropriate solutions. Consequently, USCI anticipates a sophisticated level of interaction and understanding from its clients in all dealings.

Compliance - Geostrategy

USCI conducts its operations in strict adherence to the compliance regulations stipulated by FATCA, OFAC, and CAATSA, while aligning its practices with the guidelines and objectives set forth in the National Security Strategy Publication. This meticulous observance ensures that USCI's activities are conducted within the framework of national and international regulatory standards, reflecting its commitment to upholding the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct..