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The US Capital Investment (USCI) consortium of entities stands as a pivotal conduit, facilitating the flow of capital from the robust US financial markets to burgeoning economies globally. Our mission is crystalized in the endeavor to bridge the capital divide, offering advisory and support services to foreign governments, financial institutions, and developmental projects, thereby fostering the infusion of US institutional capital into emerging markets. USCI occupies a strategic niche, orchestrating transactions that harmonize risk mitigation and credit enhancement, thereby rendering them compliant with institutional capital requirements.

Leveraging a sophisticated risk architecture, USCI, in concert with its affiliate networks, strategic alliances, and licensed financial partners, adeptly transforms commercial and project risks into institutional-grade credit risks. This transformation, a hallmark of post-2008 financial innovation, facilitates the creation of asset classes at an institutional caliber, thereby augmenting the landscape of investment opportunities.

With privileged access to the institutional capital markets of the United States, through strategic relationships, USCI is adept at mobilizing financial resources for a diverse array of transactions, technological initiatives, and infrastructure projects across select jurisdictions. The capability to source comprehensive capital solutions, whether singularly or through a consortium, is underscored by streamlined, predefined processes that enhance the efficiency of liquidity provision across our extensive broker-dealer and investment banking network.

Moreover, USCI distinguishes itself not merely as a conduit for capital but as an active participant in its ventures. Through development partnerships and sponsorship roles, USCI undertakes direct investment, subjecting projects to rigorous vetting and underwriting processes grounded in proprietary credit scoring methodologies to ensure compliance with institutional standards.

The consortium under the auspices of US Capital Investment (USCI) is predicated upon a hybrid business model that encompasses both investment and commercial banking paradigms. This consortium is distinguished by the inclusion of an entity that is duly licensed and regulated within the ambit of the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) of Luxembourg, thus aligning with the stringent regulatory prerequisites mandated by the CSSF.

In its endeavor to deliver financial services that are both enriching and of substantive value, USCI extends its expertise to a diverse clientele that includes sovereign entities, financial institutions, banking entities, as well as developers operating within both the public and private sectors. This strategic approach enables USCI to fulfill its mission of bridging US Capital Markets with Emerging Market Economies through a sophisticated array of services designed to facilitate the deployment of US institutional capital across a global landscape

USCI's unique amalgamation of investment and commercial banking prowess, alongside its proficiency in structured finance, crafts a robust funding paradigm that transcends traditional public and private sector financing avenues. This multifaceted approach, enriched by our innovative financial architecture and strategic foresight, enables the creation of bespoke, pioneering solutions that address the nuanced requirements of our clientele.

At its core, the USCI consortium thrives on the synergy of its multinational professionals, whose collective expertise spans over a century in specialized financing, international banking, and the orchestration of complex financial structures. This deep well of knowledge encompasses a wide spectrum of financial instruments, including but not limited to debt, equity, hybrid forms, Sukuk, and other structures compliant with specific regulatory frameworks and Islamic financial principles.
In essence, USCI stands as a testament to the power of innovative finance, bridging worlds, and creating opportunities through strategic vision, unparalleled expertise, and a commitment to fostering economic growth and prosperity on a global scale

Our fundamental objective is to facilitate the cultivation of enhanced relationships, strategic alliances, and collaborative partnerships between the United States of America and nations worldwide. This is achieved by fostering increased commercial interactions and transactions between corporations and institutions across these nations.

By leveraging the prowess of US corporations, the innovation of US technologies, and the depth of the US Capital Markets, we endeavor to introduce these resources into emerging markets. Our strategy involves the meticulous structuring of projects in compliance with institutional capital requirements, thereby empowering entities in foreign markets to access the expansive capital resources available within the USA.

We hold the conviction that robust business engagements serve as the cornerstone of effective diplomacy, paving the way for enduring, sustainable partnerships and alliances. Our commitment is to nurturing these relationships through strategic and thoughtful business initiatives.

`Good Business brings Good Diplomacy `
H. Burak Erten

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The Company

USCI functions as a comprehensive advisory platform, encompassing a consortium of group entities actively engaged in facilitating transactions, overseeing strategic affiliations, and amalgamating premier business practices and methodologies to champion US excellence and innovation, the prowess of US Capital Markets, and the global proliferation of US businesses.

Our Values

The leadership at USCI places paramount importance on institutionalism, transparency, and strategic foresight, staunchly upholding the core values of the United States. They accord substantial significance to the principles of honesty, integrity, and fairness in all their commercial engagements.


The company addresses horizontal and sector-specific markets, leveraging proprietary solutions designed to deliver unique value to specific business areas.


USCI focuses on Infrastructure, Energy & Renewables, Real Estate, Private Bilateral Initiatives, Proprietary Fund designs based on unique financial architecture, creation of unique economic structures aimed at deployment of liquidity to Real Economy, Corporate and Non-Performing Loans and Nation Building Strategies


The leadership of USCI has a combined 120 plus years of C-level experience, having involved with multinational corporations, cross-border transactions, advisory roles of sovereigns and sub-sovereigns, and complex transaction structuring. The core areas of expertise are as follows :

Financial Architecture - designing and implementing.
Transaction and credit structuring
Securitization and De-Risking
Strategic Introductions and alliances
International economic cooperation, trade, and foreign direct investment.
Government Economic Policy Development
Nation Building Programs
Advisory on Strategic Security Issues

Global Presence

USCI boasts an extensive global network, comprising strategic partners, associates, solution collaborators, brokers, and introducers across over 50 countries worldwide. This formidable alliance facilitates a collective in-house expertise, encompassing more than 50 seasoned advisors and executives at the C-suite level, thereby enhancing USCI's professional bandwidth and operational capacity


USCI undertakes engagements exclusively with a discerning clientele and transactions, wherein references and formal introductions are pivotal to its selection criteria. It steadfastly refrains from affiliating with clients entangled in transactions with entities adversarial to the United States of America. Each scenario or project is approached with bespoke consideration, often necessitating intricate structuring to devise appropriate solutions. Consequently, USCI anticipates a sophisticated level of interaction and understanding from its clients in all dealings.

Compliance - Geostrategy

USCI conducts its operations in strict adherence to the compliance regulations stipulated by FATCA, OFAC, and CAATSA, while aligning its practices with the guidelines and objectives set forth in the National Security Strategy Publication. This meticulous observance ensures that USCI's activities are conducted within the framework of national and international regulatory standards, reflecting its commitment to upholding the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct..

H. Burak Erten


Mr. H. Burak Erten is the President of US Capital Investments Group, focusing on advisory for the deployment of institutional capital aligned with US interests. Mr. Erten is a fund manager in Luxembourg (authorized by CSSF) and in Malta ( authorized by MFSA ) and

Evan J. Humphrey

Chairman- US Specialty Insurance LLC

Evan J. Humphrey is the Chairman of US Specialty Insurance LLC. providing leadership, vision, and responsibility for its overall success. He leads having over 24 years of Executive Management experience and over 18 years in manufacturing leadership. Evan is also a banker by trade.

Derrick M. Comfort

Group Chairman- Governments

Derrick Comfort is a true American patriot, US Army veteran with 45 years of experience in international banking and business development and execution in more than 50 countries globally. Derrick has held strategic initiatives and discussions held with various governments and is the VisionAire for Zero Waste Park concept

Paul-Emile Desrosiers

Group Chairman-Nation Building

Paul-Emile Desrosiers is a true global VisionAire and leader having served in the United Nations and United States Government in senior positions while creating billion-dollar companies in his post-government positions. He has led nation-building strategies throughout his career having been and done business in 94 countries.

Sohail S. Quraeshi

Executive Board Member

A graduate of Buckingham University (L.Sc Econ) UK, Mr. Quraeshi started his career with the Bank of New England in Boston as a Security Analyst following a diverse group of industries including Telecom and Consumer Electronics. After 6 years he became private banker and advisor for the Aquino family of the Philippines.

Mark Kraselsky

Executive Board Member-Industries

Mark has spent the last three decades expanding the design, manufacture, and sales of groundbreaking custom branded products to the hospitality industry. His success originates from his business expertise and innovative industrial design.


We have relationships with various broker-dealers, investment banks, and institutional funds in the US that allows us to advise on the following liquidity deployment models Traditional Capital Stack Fixed-Rate Note Issuances US Money Markets -VRDN issuance Bond Collateralized Loans USCI team ensures each transaction/project has proper structuring components in place before going out to the capital markets for raising liquidity in partnership with its licensed partners. Raising equity or syndicating debt is only possible with the proper structuring of the transaction and the USCI team works closely with its clients to create an " Institutional Capital Compliant " proposition to successfully raise short or long-term liquidity mainly from US Capital Markets.


We advise in the development, finance, and execution of infrastructure and industrial projects. We bring in US EPC's, Operators, and Developers to enhance the profile of the sponsorship of the project. We work in conjunction with US Institutional Capital Players as well as US Government Financial Agencies for the deployment of long term capital. Principals of USCI have developed various real estate, infrastructure, and energy projects themselves, and therefore our approaches to projects differ from traditional bankers or financiers. Investment banking, structured finance, and insurance techniques are utilized to properly structure and finance a project that USCI onboards as a shareholder or by joining its executive board. ...


We are specialists in Emerging Market FI's and Banks for Balance Sheet optimization, Deployment of Tier-2 Capital as well as designing institutional capital compliant financial architecture With our proprietary techniques and programs, we increase trade finance capacity and RMA's for select institutions. We focus on utilizing off the balance sheet capacity to create liquidity and facilitate transactions with the help of the “third party credit substitute” approach to preserve the CAR ratio and the rating/ credit of the bank. ...


Led by its chairman, Mr. Evan J. Humphrey,, USSI specialize in project risk to credit risk conversion to create US Institutional Capital and Basel 3 criteria compliant project structures. US Specialty Insurance LLC works with a top global insurance brokerage house based in the USA and top Lloyd's of London players for the required insurance off the shelf and specialty products and policies. The techniques we utilize are: Third-Party Credit Substitute Insurance Wraps Yield Enhancement Sponsorship Profile Enhancement We utilize our affiliated licensed fund & bond platforms in Luxembourg, Malta, and Switzerland for converting projects to listed securities (listed shares or listed bonds ) ...


We have a deep understanding of the ever-changing geopolitical landscape with 250 plus associates involved in this space present globally and we have access to 70 plus governments and administrations. We undertake the following functions Advisory to governments for navigating complex geopolitical and geo economy affairs Undertaking Back Door Diplomacy Advisory on future geopolitical trends Advisory on the long term benefits and advantages politically and economically on establishing a closer alliance with the United States of America Advisory on cybersecurity, IT, national security, and diplomacy through our associated and affiliated entities We advocate for US Policies and Interests Globally in a private capacity.


Led by Mr. Paul-Emile Desrosiers, also chairman of GMIIC, our capabilities and skillsets are extremely empowering and meaningful to government's most severe financial, development and policy issues to provide a devoted, capable, and long term cost effective global partner to meet any government's substantial and growing financial, economic policy, monetary system, and infrastructure needs. USCI is highly unique and aligned to the needs of various governments globally due to the key facts and skillsets. In partnership with our 5 step Plan Joint government fund initiative and with GMIIC's Nation-building strategies, USCI jointly develops and undertakes a specific country-driven focused Recovery Plans and Economic Stimulus Programs to invest heavily in critical infrastructure including, but not limited to low-income housing, clean/renewable power, water, transportation, roads, airports, smart cities, oil and gas, refineries, education, high-quality healthcare, rail, major private sector projects, and companies that create jobs and economic zones.


We have a partnership and association with a full-fledged platform in Luxembourg that structures bond issuances, trust services, and incorporation of funds for third-party clients as well as for in-house structured projects. We have various regulated and licensed entities that allow us to provide a full circuit solution for structuring requirements to packaging projects to be US Institutional Capital compliance. Main Scope of Services : Asset Management Financial Engineering Fund Structuring Bond Issuance Securitization Trustee Services Our Luxembourg platform has partnerships with other licensed platforms in Malta and Switzerland providing USCI a unique edge in structuring projects


Envisioned and led by Mr. Derrick Comfort, Chairman of New Commercial Energy and New Century Global, the Zero Waste Park concept creates a fully environmentally friendly development of Energy projects utilizing various US technologies organized under the umbrella of New Commercial Energy. In partnership with Multilateral Investments Technology LLC- MITC led by its chairman Mr. Paul Emile Desrosiers and its consortium of 12 US technologies create an unprecedented consortium of MITC technologies creating " Impact Investing " compliant project structures globally.

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