Mark Kraselsky
Executive Board Member-Industries

Mark has spent the last three decades expanding the design, manufacture, and sales of groundbreaking custom branded products to the hospitality industry. His success originates from his business expertise and innovative industrial design.

His company's exclusive and patented creations have served upscale hotels, timeshares, cruise lines, theme parks, airlines, and corporate clients.

To achieve this impact, his company Dune Design embraced laser engraving, Resin Casting, 3D printing, 3D modeling, Architectural Models, CNC computer-assisted machining, Glass blowing, and many other technologies when many were still in their infancy. Mark’s talent team created the original and patented Beachball Sandglobe recognized and sold globally in hospitality destinations.

The leading hospitality flags have been drawn to this inspired ingenuity, including Walt Disney Imagineering. Mark’s team consisted of skilled artisans in many disciplines. His leadership employed Made in America production, offshore production, and international logistics. His prestigious clients have included Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Universal Studios, Hilton Luxury Brands, Sea World, Marriott International, and many other notable industry giants.

Mark is responsible for developing relations and transactions in Manufacturing and Energy Segments