Evan J. Humphrey
Chairman- US Specialty Insurance LLC

Evan J. Humphrey is the Chairman of US Specialty Insurance LLC. providing leadership, vision, and responsibility for its overall success. He leads having over 24 years of Executive Management experience and over 18 years in manufacturing leadership. Evan is also a banker by trade.

Evan manages the relationships with the Insurance Markets including Lloyd's of London, MGA's, Cover Holders, Syndicates and Major Carriers.

Evan also leads the Manufacturing Initiatives of the Group due to his long-standing expertise and experience in Manufacturing Industries.

He has created financial success multiple times in manufacturing environments using the same productive process, including companies Aconti, HSK Exports, and Audioworks. Evan’s expertise and manufacturing talent are displayed through innovative engineering, modular production systems, and industrial design.

In 1990 he was awarded an international Innovations 90 industrial design and engineer award at the Chicago